Sunday, March 20, 2011

My Skin So Soft.

OK first time doing a facial mask...and guess what I love it. My skin which is already awesome got even better.!
View ImageMy skin so soft (lil wayne voice)

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Taking A Trip.

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OK so on facebook talkin away to one of my dearest friends about this trip that we both dreamed about doing. It was simple a road trip to New Orleans. But through the back and forth of our conversation I have now figured out that Im 2hoours away from my long a waited destination. Simply saying that I dont think this trip will happen. Theres alot of work needed for this trip called drivin..idk if i want to do that ( high pitch voice) Also who wants to be in a car for 2 whole hours drivin..I know me, if i drive im not stoping no sir.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Rainy Day Feelin

Rainy day at work

  You know how you feel when is a quiet rainy day...well that how i feel right now. I feel all melow and stuff. Im just thinking away while watchin the real world. This should be good. On the other hand I have my stren farther in my head...on how crazy he is I mean Im 21 but yet I have to be home for 12 and no later..what a tough cookie...I God knows how much I want to grow independant in my own place. I mean I do pay my own bills and what not...but its time to leave this crib and live a life that I could only dream about.


Lmao wondering if I follow idk a bunch of people will anyone stop and take a peck at my blog....hmmm answer:: lmao i will know soon enough.
And yes everyone that was a scene of me being my very own advisor.
wait wait hold the press...I love how Im stratin this blog at 3 in the morning, like i dont have work to do for today. oh oh time for bed! most def....just a thought.


I love myself right now. Living in the moment..this momnet not lookign for the next best thing in my life but letting the chips fall as they may. It is only because of a drea friend that I started this blog thing...I needed something to do besides work and do more work..this will be a nice little daydream while im livin in the with that folks hold on and seat tight as i reveal myself to you or at least my crazy little thoughts. xoxox  
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